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How much can you change your body in only 14 days?

With my 14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition Program I will help you lose AT LEAST 9lbs, probably more, in 14 days... GUARANTEED.

I've had A LOT of success over the years with literally thousands of my own personal clients and in the process I've stumbled upon something pretty significant while working directly with them to achieve faster fat loss.

In my process, the discovery I made proved to be pretty amazing at literally melting fat off the body. True Story! What we found was the best results came with a very precise combination of working out in a special short burst style, general intensity interval training, etc. and a manipulation (for a lack of a better word) of your eating program - NOT A DIET.

This is a 14 day training and nutrition (cleansing & fat flushing) program and I've programmed weekly cheat days right in!! Yeaaaaa!!! OK now please understand that you're going to work hard for two weeks, BUT your results are going to come fast and will be significant IF you follow the program piggy-backed a good interval style workout program. If you don't have one don't worrry because I will give you one with the program.

I thought I would be starving but I am not. This is totally doable!! ? it!! -Amy F.

I can't believe I lost 12lbs in my in 14 days! Yippee! Not only is the 14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition Program doing great things for my body, my mind is growing as well. When I sit down to eat, I am truly grateful for the food God has provided for me. I have kind of taken things for granted, and am fully aware now, that my body NEEDS certain foods, and the foods I WANT, don't do anything for me. -Cynthia P.

Starting day 3 of Fat Blast and I'm already down 5.6 pounds! Thanks Bob!! -Kristin L.


fat blast nutrition program

Day 14 of raw fat blast now and here are some resuls:
1. No more sugar cravings
2. Sleeping better and getting up earlier and feeling refreshed
3. The right portion control for me
4. I only feel like eating when hungry, not when I'm stressed, bored, etc.
5. Less bloating
6. More energy
7. Down 11 lbs too!
8. Eating salads and greens without wanting to gag I feel that I will be able to continue adding these into my every day diet!! Yay! Overall this is a HUGE win for me!

What People Are Saying About 14 Day Fat Blast Program

I have lost 5lbs in just week 1 of the Fat Blast Nutrition Program. I just really love it! Love it!! This is awesome!! -Amy F.

I was going to take today off from working out and then I saw a friend who said I looked skinny. It's working, it's working! Nothing motivates like success! -Rachel M.

A HUGE shout out to Bob Garon's Program for helping me reclaim my body and drop 24lbs. I feel serious, much needed changes happening and I feel incredible. I would have NEVER believed I could be leaner, stronger and healthier as I am now. -Todd R.

So the verdict is in: 10lbs and 3 pant sizes in 14 days... Woo hoo! So I am making progress and I am excited about it! -Bithyah Graham

I lost 8.2 lbs and gained an amazing amount of energy! Lost 1inch in my waist and 1inch in my hips and gained a major amount of self confidence! Loving the results both mentally and physically. Definitely seeing the changes in my body and finally getting the definition that I have always been wanting. -Kayte Hankes

I fit into clothes I haven't in almost a year, and loving all the compliments!!! I'm definitely feeling the change!!!! -Brenda Molitor

Here are some more details about the program:

Most people will lost nine to twelve pounds during their two weeks and a couple dress and pant sizes. Told you this program works!!

My program is simple in its brilliance. You're going to workout 3-5 days per week for two weeks and eat the foods that I've fully outlined for you in the program's meal plans. It's simple actually- just read it, eat it, and your results will come.

During your workouts you may experience soreness in your muscles, but nothing too bad. Some soreness letting you know that you just had an awesome workout is definitely worth it! And the meal plans on the eating program I give you will NOT be a starvation diet by any means. I'm totally against starvation diets so don't worry cause it isn't anything close to that. It's actually a decent amount of calories manipulated in a very clever way to help your body turn on its fat burning hormones to burn the maximum amount of fat and to retain muscle tone during the whole 14 day process.

I know you'll enjoy it and your results.


This is your chance to start changing your body in 14 Days…

Your Fat Blast Nutrition & Workout Program is completely mapped out for you. That's the simplicity in everything... just follow and your results will come fast... GUARANTEED.

1) NOTE: If you've already been working out with a workout program that's both working for you and that's high intensity then definitely keep doing that. If not, perform the Fat Blast Workout Program that I'm going to give you in your program download. Your 14 Day "Fat Blast" Workout Program takes you step by step through everything you need to do each day with detailed pictures and descriptions.

BONUS: If you're in my area, come to Synergy Kettlebell Training group classes during your 14 days for no additional charge.

2) Follow the 14 day meal plan that you will be given. Each day is mapped out perfectly for you so all you have to do is eat. In fact, I even put together a grocery shopping list for you so when you go get your food you know exactly how much to get. It's as simple and user-friendly as we can get.

3) Weigh in, take full body circumference measurement, and measure your body fat on your start day and completion day.

Simply follow my program exactly as it's mapped out for you during your 14 days, then you will experience the kind of results my clients have and I GUARANTEED you will! Register now and INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD my unique rapid fat loss meal plan program.


I feel so much better on your 14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition Program and it helps keep me get motivated over the weekend to stick to my diet. – Tina J.

Bob your Fat Blast Nutrition Program is so paying off for me!! I was at work the other day and the softball guys came in and said wow your arms look great! Thanks Bob!!!!!! – Teresa B.

I like the 14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition Program for me cause it makes the act of eating and exercising a lot better then when I have to bear through it alone. Thanks Bob for teaching and helping me drop 60lbs! – Judi M.

Hey Bob, your 14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition Program is so awesome and I wouldn’t be who and where I am today without your help. It’s not even like I'm dieting. – Bill M.

Because of the 14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition Program, I have more strength, confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. Now I look forward to being active every day. – Joni M

Bob- You are a great supporter. I’ve noticed I’m getting A LOT more tone & that’s what I have been wanting the most. Thanks for supporting us all & challenging us too. -Erica F.

Bob I can’t thank you enough for what 14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition Program has given me and honestly it’s the best investment I’ve made for myself. I’ve lost 67lbs. with your ongoing program and finally have energy to play with my kids. Thank you Bob! -Mac M.

Sometimes find myself saying “I can’t do it….today”, but I quickly lose that feeling with the confidence and push behind Bob’s words. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Thanks, Bob! -John B

Bob your 14 Day Fat Blast program is amazing!! As a mother of three I understand I need a lot of patience and dedication to experience fitness and health results. Thanks for your help! -Meesha S.

14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition Meal Plans


14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition Program Meal Plans

fat loss meal plans

Synergy 3-Day Jump Start Cleansing Program
(drop 5-7lbs in 3 days)

($47 Value)

14 Day Fat Blast Grocery Shopping Guide

($29 Value)

Quick Guide To Eating Out

($24 Value)

Bonus Weeks 3 & 4 Of Fat Blast Meal Plans

($97 Value)

Cliff Notes To Healthy Eating eBook

($47 Value)

BONUS eBook On Living Clean In Our Personal Environments ($35 Value)

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I Want You To Be 100% Successful So
I'm Giving You Some Extra Goodies–

When You Purchase Today...

15 Super Amazing Smoothie Recipes

($27 Value)

14 Day Fat Blast At-Home Workout Program

($59 Value)


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“The Fat Blast Nutrition Program brought back my energy back up!” -Phillis P.

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions…

On the download page there is a longer list of FAQ's addressed, but here's just a few:

1) I want to start losing fat now! Will I have to wait for you to ship me all this information before I can get started?

Excellent! The entire Fat Blast Nutrition Program will become immediately available to you via download after your purchase - no shipping fees, no waiting for your results!

2) What Happens After My 14 Days of Fat Blast?

Continue on with the BONUS WEEKS 3 & 4. That way you continue to blast fat and drop pounds. Since it takes 21-30 days to get in the habit of doing something, the entire Fat Blast Nutrition Program is specifically structured to help you accomplish these healthy long-term habits.

3) What if I don't have "A LOT" of fat to lose?

Whether you have 10lbs or 50lbs to lose, the Fat Blast Nutrition Program will get you exactly where you want to be...faster!

4) Why Should I Eat Fresh Foods?

We certainly recommend it because the more alive your food is the more nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.) it will have for your body to absorb and benefit.

5) What If I Don't Like A Particular Food In The Meal Plans?

We definitely understand that we all have our own tastes and some folks are just plain picky. No prob! There is a VERY extensive and detailed list for you on the download page.

Larabar substitution: viewable on your download page

Fish substition: viewable on your on download page

Nuts substition: viewable on your on download page

Misc substition: viewable on your on download page

NOTE: If you need a special substition not listed shoot me an email and I'll respond right away.

6) Are there cheat days on the 14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition Program?

You betcha! In fact we want those days because the day after your body will be super primed to lose even more fat. Welcome to Fat Blasting ladies and gentlemen!

7) Does this program work just a quickly for women as it does for men? I've heard men lose weight more quickly than women...

It all depends upon the individual, but the Fat Blast Nutrition Program does not discriminate based on age, gender, or any other factor. We've seen it work across the board. Period.

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Right now you are just one click away from getting your hands on the most results driven, proven and health beneficial nutrition program that I personally have ever seen.

You get it all... the 14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition Program meal plans, the bonus Weeks 3 & 4 of the 14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition Program, the grocery shopping list to guide you to get all the foods you need before you begin each and every Fat Blast week, my 3-Day Cleanse (I highly recommend starting 3 days directly prior to your Fat Blast Nutrition Program because you'll drop about 5-7lbs just in those 3 days), and the "Cliff Notes To Healthy Eating" & "Living Clean In Our Personal Environment" ebooks. PLUS you'll get the 14 Day At-Home-Done-For-You Fat Blast Workout Program as my gift to you!

Best of all this program has a proven track record of success and results through hundreds of clients. It's been used by virtually every body type and age demographics with tremendous success. Plain and simple – it works...

So stop wasting your time and effort trying to "wing it" or out-train a crappy diet. Order your 14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition Program now before you gain another pound. Click here to order now >>

Your friend in health,


Bob Garon

P.S. Remember this is a proven program duplicated time and time again with amazing results. If you're not losing the weight you hoped, stuck in a rut, if you're not as tone as you'd like, or just feel like you've been spinning your wheels going up and down for far too long then I want you to get my program because I specifically designed it just for situations like yours. You owe it to yourself to try it out and see why hundreds of people just like you have experienced amazing results on my program... click here now >>



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